Who Are We

Dr. Francisco Arredondo
5 Min

Pozitivf Fertility was founded with a purpose: to inspire a life-changing impact in the world of fertility services. Our founding team has been working together for many years. We are a TRUE and LOYAL fertility family and, in our long-standing partnership, we have asked ourselves the following questions: how can we improve safety, quality, and patient experience? How can we democratize our offerings? These questions ultimately underlie the principles we actively choose to live by.

Our team began by reimagining and re-engineering everything that a company and industry can be. Through our work, we eagerly verify that a business can scale, succeed, and do good in our world — without needing to charge a premium for it. That is the driving reason behind our decision to operate as a benefit, or B corporation: a company whose legally defined goals include making a positive impact on our environment, workers, local communities, and society at large — impacts are specifically stated in the definition of “best interest of the corporation” . Put simply, we are here because we love what we do; our team has the requisite ingredients needed to successfully democratize IVF services, including creativity, passion, and innovation.

Every solution begins with a conundrum. What we had in front of us was simple: IVF is too expensive. Our founding members escaped companies they believed prioritized profits over patient needs. Every single individual on this team has personally experienced the grueling nature too often associated with the fertility journey or at least witnessed how individuals that deserve the right to a family have suffered tremendously to achieve that dream. What other options are made available to them?

It turns out that there are simple explanations. The fertility industry is filled with waste, including unnecessary tests and procedures. At PozitIVF, we dedicate a lot of time studying the Toyota Production System (TPS), lean management, and many other techniques from the manufacturing and service industries that have proven successful in increasing quality, decreasing cost, and maximizing safety. We do not confuse the application of TPS in the manufacturing sphere with the idea that a fertility care center should be run like a mass-producing car company. We do not believe this. Fertility care has needs and structures that are profoundly different from a car manufacturing plant. The simple truth is that our current IVF industry has incentives designed to increase prices and maximize profit; with virtually no motivation to improve affordability.

PozitIVF was created with the idea to generate an alternative to this, by circumventing wrongly established assumptions and challenging the status quo. We have designed a streamlined process that cleans our IVF procedures of wasteful practices, leaving behind only true value-adding services. This allows our care center to deliver exactly what the patient wants, so we may earn their trust and loyalty.

In accordance with the 1948 United Nations declaration, having a family is a universal right. We want to make sure of that. To achieve this, what we do is simple: provide the same quality, the same safety, and greater happiness at a fraction of the cost. At PozitIVF we make life easier, literally. We are not a company, we are a movement. And we welcome you to join us.