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At Pozitivf Fertility, we believe in providing affordable fertility care to as many people as possible. That commitment has helped establish us as one of the top fertility clinics in San Antonio.

We proudly stand with other like-minded partners from around the world to enable more efficient, accessible fertility care for all. Companies such as:

NOW Fertility.

NOW Fertility is a telemedicine platform offering affordable and convenient fertility care to patients across the United States. They provide a range of services, including fertility consultations, fertility testing, and medication management, all from the comfort of the patient’s home. NOW Fertility aims to make fertility care more accessible and affordable for everyone, regardless of their location or financial situation. They partner with a network of licensed fertility doctors to provide personalized treatment plans and support to their patients.


LEVY Health.

LEVY Health was created to provide a one-stop shop for anyone who wants to get a better understanding of their fertility. Whether you have been trying unsuccessfully to conceive for a while or want to plan ahead for the future, LEVY Health is here to answer your most burning questions about your reproductive health and give you a comprehensive, precise analysis to empower you on your fertility journey.



PatientFi partners with healthcare practices to remove cost barriers by offering patients friendly monthly plans, so more patients can say yes to the elective procedures they want.




EngagedMD is a telemedicine platform that provides virtual healthcare services to patients in the United States. The company offers a range of medical specialties, including primary care, mental health, dermatology, and women’s health. Patients can schedule appointments and consult with licensed healthcare providers from the comfort of their homes, using their computers or mobile devices. EngageMD aims to make healthcare more accessible, affordable, and convenient for patients, especially those living in underserved communities. The company also offers personalized treatment plans and medication management services to its patients.



ExEm® Foam.

ExEm® Foam is an innovative liquid that can be used during an ultrasound scan to check if a woman’s fallopian tubes are working properly. This scan, called hysterosalpingo-foam sonography (HyFoSy), is used at Pozitivf Fertility and is a less invasive alternative to a laparoscopy with dye. Studies have shown that HyFoSy with ExEm® Foam is just as accurate as laparoscopy and even more accurate than other types of ultrasound scans with air or saline.




We live in an information age. There has never been a time with more news and information about fertility and fertility care at your fingertips. The problem can actually be “too much” information, not all of it trustworthy. Here are some great resources that can help you navigate the sometimes-confusing fertility landscape.

Organizations like:

American Society for
Reproductive Medicine. (ASRM)

The ASRM is a professional organization dedicated to the advancement of reproductive medicine. Their website provides a wealth of information on fertility care, including patient education materials, guidelines for healthcare professionals, and research updates.




The National Infertility Association: RESOLVE is a non-profit organization that provides support, education, and advocacy for individuals and couples struggling with infertility. Their website offers a range of resources, including a helpline, online support groups, and educational materials on fertility care.



Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention. (CDC)

The CDC is a federal agency that provides public health information and resources. Their website includes a section on reproductive health, which offers data and statistics on infertility, as well as information on fertility care options.



Mayo Clinic.

The Mayo Clinic is a renowned medical institution that provides comprehensive healthcare services. Their website includes a section on fertility care, which offers information on diagnosis, treatment options, and lifestyle factors that can affect fertility.



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