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Struggling with Irregular Periods? We're Here to Help!


Are irregular periods holding you back from taking the first step on your journey to parenthood?

We understand the unique challenges you may be facing. At Pozitivf Fertility, we're committed to ensuring that nothing stands in the way of your dreams. 


Introducing Our Free 10-Day Cycle of Provera.


We're excited to offer you a solution that's tailored to your needs.

Our dedicated team is pleased to provide you with a complimentary 10-day supply of Provera – a gentle and safe medication that can help your body start its menstrual cycle.

This special offer comes at no cost to you, making your path to parenthood even more accessible. 


How It Works.


1.- Reach Out: Get in touch with us to express your interest in our free 10-day cycle of Provera.
2.- Intake Visit: We will set-up an intake visit to the Pozitivf Fertility clinic to do some bloodwork, a pregnancy test and instructions on how to take Provera.
3.- Start the Cycle: Begin the 10-day cycle of Provera, that can help your body start its menstrual cycle.
4.- Schedule Your  New Patient Appointment: With your cycle regulated, we'll help you schedule your new patient appointment so you can see the doctor and get a treatment recommendation.


Why Choose Pozitivf Fertility.


Streamlined Approach: Pozitivf Futility's treatment protocols are designed to give you the shortest path to achieve the dream of having a baby. Less visits, less tests, more happiness!

Access to Care: We believe that everyone deserves the chance to embark on the path to parenthood. Our free 10-day cycle of Provera is a testament to our commitment. We are champions of reproductive justice!

Affordability Without Sacrificing Quality: At Pozitivf Fertility, we have applied best practices from leaders in quality and efficiency from all over the world. Making us one of the most affordable and effective fertility providers in the US. You could pay more, but why?


Take the First Step.


Your dreams of parenthood are within reach, even if irregular periods have posed challenges. Let Pozitivf Fertility be your partner in this journey. Contact us today to learn more about our free 10-day cycle of Provera and how we can help you schedule your new patient appointment. 


Don't let irregular periods hold you back any longer. Your path to parenthood starts now with Pozitivf Fertility. 



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