Payment Options.

All treatments are payable at the moment of contracting.

Too many couples feel priced out of becoming parents. At Pozitivf Fertilty, we have streamlined the process, eliminating unnecessary tests and visits to expand access to affordable fertility care.

Our innovative, transparent approach allows us to offer prices that are around half (or less) of what traditional fertility clinics charge.


Automated Clearing House
(ACH)/ Cash / Cashier’s Check.

These are our preferred methods of payment which keep the transaction simple and costs low.

By using ACH, Cash or Cashier’s Check, you can even earn a 2% discount!


Using a credit or debit card is permitted and will allow you to begin treatment quicker.

Financing Partner.

We work with one of the top fertility financing companies in the US. Applying doesn’t
affect your credit and they offer very competitive interest rates.

Click to apply for Financing


Depending on your credit history and current financial situation, this could be a great option.

Get pre-qualified with the link above and you can start treatment faster.

A word about medical insurance.

One of the ways we make things simple and keep prices low is by only
accepting health insurance blood tests.

We do not accept health insurance for the actual fertility treatments.

We do accept Progyny Fertility Benefits, which is a type of insurance that only covers fertility care.

Check with your employer to see if Progyny is part of your benefits package.

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