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Introducing the

Fertility Fast Track

A protocol that reduces the “time to start” of a fertility cycle by almost half.  

What is a “Time-to-Start"? “Time-to-Start" is a measurement in fertility care of the time between when a patient comes to the clinic for their first visit, to the patient’s start of treatment. 

Pozitivf’s Standard Protocol “time to start” is between 7 – 8 weeks from the time of first visit to the beginning of treatment, and is already amongst the fastest and most efficient in the country.  

Pozitivf’s “Fertility Fast Track”, the time-to-start is between 4 – 5 weeks.


How do we do that? In 4 easy steps:

  1. Intake visit. We “front load” all of the pre-conception tests in your intake visit. These are all the blood tests and semen analysis you need for diagnosis and treatment recommendation. 
  3. Cycle Timing. We’ll also give you medication to time your menstrual cycle for the soonest appointment. (This is important because our streamlined protocols based around your individual menstrual cycle). 
  5. New Patient Appointment. We perform the final tests and consult with the doctor in your new patient appointment. During the appointment the doctor will give you a treatment recommendation.  
  7. Financial Consultation. The last part of your visit is a financial consultation in which you will go over the cost of the recommended treatment option and payment methods. 

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