Fertility Evaluation and Consultation.


Having a
healthy baby
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human right.

A Fertility Leader in San Antonio.

Our mission is to expand access to quality, affordable fertility care to everyone who has been left behind by the traditional fertility industry. Our fertility evaluation and consultation services help lay the groundwork, so you better understand the options.

Fertility Evaluation and

Pozitivf Fertility prides ourself on being a “streamlined” fertility clinic, which means we won’t waste your time or money with unnecessary tests or procedures. We like to keep it simple. In order for you to get pregnant, only three things are needed: eggs, sperm, and a place for them to have a date. In one single visit to Pozitivf Fertility, we can measure those three factors and provide a treatment recommendation. 


Pozitivf Fertility Evaluation Package

What’s Included?

Consultation with Doctor.

Antral Follicle Count.

Saline Ultrasound.

Sono-Hysterosalpingogram (HyFoSy/HyCosy)

Trial Transfer.

Semen Analysis (If Applicable)

Pozitivf Price: $990 / National Average: $3,000

Pozitivf New Patient Consultation (if all tests have been performed previously) - $295

"If my wife and I could give more than 5 stars,

we would. Since our first appointment

with Pozitivf, it felt like home... So if you’re

looking to grow your family, look no more

because Pozitivf is the way to go. Best fertility

team in the world!!!"

Analisa Keller.

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