Making Fertility Care More Accessible For Teachers


“Teaching is such a great profession for mothers. After all, you get the summer’s off.” 


Every woman who’s worked hard to become a teacher probably has heard a comment like this many times. The reality for teachers who plan to start or grow their family is more complicated, especially for women who are pursing fertility treatment. 


Additional Challenges for Teachers 


During the school year, teacher’s days are packed with classes, preparation periods and out-of-classroom obligations. Meanwhile, most fertility clinics schedule their last appointments of the day in mid-afternoon, about the same time when most teachers are able to leave campus for the day. They simply don’t have the flexibility to schedule multiple fertility sessions, especially when they must coordinate treatment with their personal ovulation cycle. 


What makes scheduling even more challenging for teachers is the common practice used by traditional fertility clinics to require multiple in-person sessions for consultation, testing and screenings. This system provides more revenue for the clinic but is an unnecessary barrier for women whose profession requires them to work on-site every day. 


The Pozitivf Fertility Difference 


By streamlining the fertility treatment, San Antonio-based Pozitivif Fertility is making the path to pregnancy more accessible to more women, including teachers. Pozitivf patients are encouraged to obtain some of the obligatory initial tests from other providers which better fit their schedule. This not only makes the process quicker and more convenient, but also can save the patient significant money. Why pay twice? 


Making quality fertility care more accessible is a passion for Pozitivf founder, Dr. Francisco Arredondo. “What makes Pozitivf different is complete transparency,” he says. “We ensure transparency in pricing, no hidden fees and no ‘gotcha’ tests.” 


“Our patients’ time should never be wasted,” Dr. Arredondo. “Yes, you are here to pursue a beautiful family. Our job is to make that a reality. Let’s get to it.” 


Managing the School Year 


Fitting treatment into a teacher’s busy schedule is not the only factor when considering fertility options. The traditional school calendar provides an obvious window for having (and therefore, conceiving) a baby. Many teachers target June or July to give birth which allows them additional time for maternity leave without disrupting the school year. 


For teachers who have the goal of a “summer-break baby,” Pozitivf Fertility’s streamlined process helps improve their odds. With a simplified approach to treatments such as IVF and INVOcell, the Pozitivf care team gives you more control of achieving success on your schedule. 


In addition to accommodating the scheduling and professional demands of teachers, cost is also a factor that working families must consider. Pozitivf Fertility offers honest, upfront pricing ahead of time so there are no surprises. And because Pozitivf minimizes office visits and eliminates unnecessary tests, you’ll find the cost can be considerably lower than traditional clinic options. 


The Pozitivf care team supports and applauds our wonderful teachers. We know that caring, passionate teachers make some of the best parents. And we need more of each in the world. 


As a thought leader in the area of fertility and reproductive justice, Pozitivf Fertility invites you to subscribe to our blog or schedule a consultation with one of our fertility experts. 


As a thought leader in the area of fertility
and reproductive justice, Pozitivf Fertility
invites you to subscribe to our blog
or schedule a consultation
with one of our fertility experts.

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