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An innovative option used in fertility treatment that
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Streamlined Fertility Clinic

Pozitivf Fertility was founded with a purpose: to inspire a life-changing impact in the world of fertility services. Our founding team has been working together for many years.


High Quality Technology

Our lab is a custom-built, state of the art facility that offers the most advanced technology available today. These services are performed by our highly experienced Embryology team to provide you with the highest success rates to help start your family.


Uncompromising Safety

Our culture thrives on uncompromising safety. We excel in safeguarding every procedure performed in our practice.


Streamlined & Efficient

We provide the highest quality care to our patients by eliminating unnecessary steps which decrease costs and significantly expedite treatment times.


Patients over profits

Every solution begins with a conundrum. What we had in front of us was simple: IVF is too expensive. Our founding members escaped companies they believed prioritized profits over patient needs. Every single individual on this team has personally experienced the grueling nature too often associated with the fertility journey or at least witnessed how individuals that deserve the right to a family have suffered tremendously to achieve that dream. What other options are made available to them?

Simplifying fertility

It turns out that there are simple explanations. The fertility industry is filled with waste, including unnecessary tests and procedures. At pozitIVF, we dedicate a lot of time studying the Toyota Production System (TPS), lean management, and many other techniques from the manufacturing and service industries that have proven successful in increasing quality, decreasing cost, and maximizing safety. We do not confuse the application of TPS in the manufacturing sphere with the idea that a fertility care center should be run like a massproducing car company. We do not believe this. Fertility care has needs and structures that are profoundly different from a car manufacturing plant. The simple truth is that our current IVF industry has incentives designed to increase prices and maximize profit; with virtually no motivation to improve affordability.


The three pillars of Pozitivf are represented in our logo as reminders of what is our northstar:


The action of making something accessible to everyone, represented by the spiral that reaches all 360 degrees


General excellence of standard or level, represented by the top circle because quality is a top priority at Pozitivf


The condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury. Represented by the circle in the middle protected by the spiral


Our Team

Dr. Francisco Arredondo
Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Anthony Anderson
Lab Director
Lauralicia Kasa
Practice Executive
Christine Flynn, RN
Head Fertility Coach
Otilia Lazcano
Head Fertility Assistant
Elisabeta Kasa
Lab Supervisor
Carolina Cardona
Patient Advocate
Maria Duran
Patient Advocate
Sabrina Ruiz
Medical Assistant
Sebastian Cavazos-Escobar
Network and Systems Manager
Mayu Quevedo LMFT, LPC
Fertility Mindstrong Specialist
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